I am  licensed in Florida as a trainer and a certified USA Boxing Coach.
​                  Jimmy Rivera

Jimmy Rivera

founder / President

head coach of Bang Boxing Gym

My name is Jimmy Rivera founder, President and head coach of Bang Boxing Gym. I was born in Orlando, FL. and currently live in Apopka, FL. with my wife and two kids.  

As a coach I truly believe coaching is much more then someone yelling. With my passion for the sport and my 20 plus years of experience, I am confident in saying that I can teach my students the fundamentals of boxing in a manner that will get them prepared physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for every day challenges.

At Bang Boxing Gym everyone starts with a stretching routine and are carefully instructed on how to perform each technique without contact.  Based on Coach’s discretion if he feels that the student is ready for sparing student will be notified as well as parents. If student shows interest they will have the opportunity to compete among different club members and move forward for tournaments.

At Bang Boxing Gym we provide the best training! I love to train anyone that comes through my doors.  Whether it’s for the student who wants to lose weight, wants to build confidence, learn self-defense or the boxer that wants to compete. I train everyone with the same motivation and accountability to ensure you reach successful results!   



​APOPKA, FL 32712